Social Responsibilty

College students are always  looking  for innovative programmes and workshops underlining social and environmental issues and educate the public at large. Compulsory orientation lectures and workshops on themes such as gender equality, inclusive growth and so on would be organised to encourage interdisciplinary approach in colleges. Also, student societies in college campuses like AIDS awareness, drug de-addiction, heritage preservation society and so on would be established, and every student would be required to become a part of one or more such societies.

Students will be required to put in specified number of hours under such societies. An annual planner giving details of various activities to be orgainsed will be prepared by each society well in advance. Teachers would also assist students to prepare the roadmap, convert it into various subtasks and identify the steps under each subtask minutely.

Also, they would be responsible in identifying resource persons for workshops and programmes.

Various societies to be formed in colleges
* Drug De-addiction Society
* AIDS Awareness and Public Health Society
* Heritage Preservation and Promotion Society
* Orphanages and Old Age Homes Society
* Best from Waste Society
* Gender Equality Society
* Environment Awareness Society
* Community Hygiene and Sanitation Society
* Traffic Awareness and Road Safety Society